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Josh is a natural born American citizen originally from Iowa, the heartland of the United States of America known for its strong education system, ethics, and traditional values. Prior to migrating to Kyiv, Josh has worked extensively as an information technology professional in Chicago, Illinois.

Josh is a dedicated professional who is well organized and has exhibited strong classroom performance. He has a proven track record for success adamantly raising educational standards across all age groups and multiple fields of study. By maintaining discipline, he can foster and maintain a positive school climate where students can reach their full potential. As an outstanding and inspirational teacher with very high personal standards, he is committed to the learning, development and personal growth of our students empowering them to achieve both professional as well as personal goals.

More than just a teacher, Josh has served as a consultant and corporate coach who is committed to providing satisfactory solutions across multiple spheres. He is an experienced IT professional with extensive experience as a full stack open source developer utilizing but not limited to PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to author custom web-based applications that meet the day to day business needs of enterprises across the United States.

Josh has received English tutelage and mentorship from Harvard alumni and former Clarion University English professor Jim Jorgan who has listed him in his credits in two published historical fiction novels.

Josh is currently studying English grammar and style via The University of Queensland, Australia.


Triton Grove College
Information Technology
2001 - 2002

University of Iowa
Cultural Anthropology
1997 - 1999

North Iowa Area Community College
Liberal Arts, General Studies
1995 - 1997

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